UnflinchingThe Making of a Canadian Sniper

By Jody Mitic

Afghanistan, 2007. I was a master corporal, part of an elite sniper team sent on a mission to flush out Taliban in an Afghan village. I had just turned thirty, after three tours of duty overseas. I’d been shot at by mortars, eyed the enemy through my scope, survived through stealth and stamina. I’d been training for war my entire adult life. But nothing prepared me for what happened next.

Jody Mitic was born to be a soldier. A key player on the front in Afghanistan, he experienced first-hand the valour and the chaos of the warfront. And one day in 2007, he stepped on a landmine and the course of his life was forever changed.

After losing both of his legs below the knees, Jody was determined to be of service to his family and to his country. A raw, no-holds-barred memoir, Unflinching is a powerful chronicle of honour and sacrifice, and a gritty portrait of military life, by a man who had the courage to soldier on in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Jody Mitic is a twenty-year Canadian Forces veteran and sniper team leader. He is a respected advocate for wounded veterans, people with disabilities, and amputees. He founded the Never Quit Foundation and currently sits on the board of directors of “Won with One,” an organization devoted to helping physically challenged athletes realize their dreams. He is a city councillor for Ottawa, where he lives with his wife, Alannah, and two daughters, Aylah and Kierah.